1. Geminism

    Children are birthed in these forms as retributive justice for the sins of the parents. Whether one looks in the east or west, it does not matter—in every direction lie twin shadows of a similar figure. What are these girls’ dreams? For what do they all fight? Welcome, welcome. Take a seat and behold! Our forbidden festival begins at midnight.

  2. An Aunt After My Own Heart

    The protagonist, Keisuke Shinozaki, returns alone to his grandparents' house to stay for summer break. There, he is greeted by his mother's (much) younger sister, Yuuka. Ever since he was little, the protagonist had always adored his kind, smart, and beautiful aunt. However, it was quite the shock to learn that she was now engaged...

  3. NYO-NIN-JIMA -My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island-

    The day after being fired from the horrible company he had been working at for many years, Shoichi Harama arrives on a remote southern island located hundreds of kilometers from the city. Though he has no regrets about losing his job, he was still worried about his future. That is, until “Sensei,” the old man responsible for him being fired in the first place, gives him an offer―to help him manage an island.

  1. Otome * Domain
  2. HimeYoku: A Sacrifice of Lust and Grace