It all happened after the grand adventure that was NUKITASHI...One fateful day, a grave data-related incident results in him breaking through the speed of light, transporting Junnosuke and his friends to a parallel world. In this alternate utopia, Junnosuke is both feared and revered as royalty while also wielding absolute power as vice president----

  2. Holy Maid Academy

    Since its inception by the Nishiki family—a longstanding powerhouse in the local area—St. Martius Academy has served as a center of education for generations of maids.When Ryunosuke Kokuto receives a personal invitation from the chairman of this respected edifice to serve as a professor, he doesn’t say no to the opportunity...

  3. Kagura Genesis: Kuon’s Story

    In a quiet forest, far from any settlement, there lives a girl named Kuon Makami. Having lost her mother not long ago, she spends her days alone with the wolf pup who is her best friend. But the peaceful times come to an end when a strange pall falls over the forest, bringing with it occasional incursions of dark spirits.

  1. Otome * Domain
  2. HimeYoku: A Sacrifice of Lust and Grace