1. Destiny Star Girlfriend 3

    Nothing ever changes for Seiji and his sleepy student ways. Aside from the arrival of new hottie Maja last winter, each month so far has been as brain-numbingly dull as the last. Until one fateful night, a mystery assassin shows up to literally suck out Seiji’s life force! His would-be killer is none other than Kanoko, a second-year at the academy—and a covert magical girl...

  2. The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -Woolly Eyes GAIDEN-

    The romantic noir visual novel The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf returns to Kabukicho in this unhinged simul-quel. Me, Azami, and the whole ragtag gang rampage through five all-new short stories!

  3. The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -A Tale of Cutthroat Lovers-

    Another restless, sleepless night... from the mind of Maggot Baits creator Tatsuya Kurashiki comes a twisted love story! Kabukicho, Shinjuku. There’s a hotel here where I work as a live-in cleaner—or at least, that’s my day job.

  1. Otome * Domain
  2. HimeYoku: A Sacrifice of Lust and Grace