KamiYaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline

“If you don’t tie the knot with the person of your dreams within the next year, you’ll be in big trouble.”

So forewarns Urara, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Matchmaking, when she appears before our hero Hajime Kanbayashi. Hajime’s your average youth, except that he’s been a little bit too into love spells and love charms in his goal to get more popular with the ladies. And this time, according to Urara, it’s this particular hobby of his that’s the cause for his current predicament—just like eating too much of a good food can make you sick, each spell, however trivial and cute, can prove disastrous if overused. To make matters worse, it seems that some of the spells Hajime tried were the real deal! Thanks to this, the law of cause and effect has been thrown out of whack and his future is looking bleak…

“Well, to put it simply, you’re going to be a virgin for the rest of your life.”

“I want a girlfriend! I don’t want to be a virgin forever! It’s just… it seems like a lot of work.”

Just as Hajime begins to despair, Urara teaches him about three candidates potentially written into his destiny along with their respective “destiny counts,” which represent the distance he’ll have to overcome to win their hearts. To further complicate things, each girl also comes with her own unique quirks…

Nanami Nagumo, the prime minister’s daughter: 870,000,000 (870 million)
Suzuna Akagi, an idol: 15
Yukari Suo, Japan’s no. 1 detective: 65,535

And so begins Hajime’s race against time to defeat his karma and reverse Urara’s prophecy…


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21 Jan, 2022