Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Fallen Maidens & the Book of Beginnings

Build your party, find loot, seal monsters, explore dungeons, and rescue a recently fallen kingdom from darkness!

  • A what-if sequel to Dungeon Travelers 2
  • Sealed monsters will now fight with you
  • Recruit new Merc Buddy allies too
  • Refined systems and an even longer campaign


Long ago, in a bygone age, this land was contested between gods, humans, and the otherworldly evil known as the Demon God.

At the end of a long and hard-fought war, the master alchemist Siegdrad invented the magical tomes known as Sealbooks, and with the power of these new tools she defeated the monsters and buried the Demon Queen from whence she came.

Vitoria, the first queen of Romulea, established a new world order governed by humanity and united the continent under her rule.

And then five centuries passed…

In the halls of the Royal Library of Romulea, Siegdrad’s distant successors learned a shocking truth.

The Demon God was not dead in the Otherworld after all. She was alive!
Worse, she was here, and her seal had not been perfect.
It fell to Fried Einhard, a talented young Libra, to form the Romulan Royal Library Suppression Team and set out to seal the Demon God for good this time.

In the depths, all too close to home, under the royal capital itself…
The gate to the Otherworld was flung wide, and as it transformed the very dungeon around it, Fried and his party confronted the Demon Godー

And they lost!

And the kingdom of Romulea fell to the darkness.


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  • Japanese
  • 繁体字


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