Study § Steady


  • Four girls to choose from and see fall for you!
  • Adorably animated E-Mote gestures show the girls’ feelings in real time!
  • Finally, choices that REALLY matter! Chances to tweak your belle’s style!
  • All-new English and Chinese translations make it all speak your language!
  • Full, rich Japanese voice acting!


Her first encounter with you…
Her first lesson in love, a topic she’s keen to study.

The more time she spends with you, the more she grows to love you.
The nickname she chooses to call you. The little jokes you tease into being together…
Every small conversation becomes something special.

Whether you’re alone or in public—or even in bed.
The things you whisper to each other take on new meanings.

One day she might change her hairstyle, a brave move just to see your reaction…
“Do you think it looks good on me?”
“Maybe this hairstyle’s a little bold?”
“Do you prefer me with my hair down or in a ponytail?”
“So, how about it? Does this do it for you?”
How you react, of course, is up to you.

The more you two spend time together, the deeper the love between you grows…
That’s what Study § Steady is about.
When you walk home from school, holding hands all the way… or find yourselves alone in the classroom together…
Exchange gifts for Christmas… or listen as a pair to the New Year’s Eve bells…
Whatever the story, you’ll learn of a love that’s all your own.
A study of you and a girl…


Yuu Omaezaki
Your upperclassman by one year, she attends the same school as you.
Her model-class looks have won her fans in every class but her own—is it her stilted speech that sets her aloof?
Deep down, she’s a caring older-sister type who’d like nothing more than to spoil you.
“My, you incorrigible thing. Yes, come here, I’ll pamper you.”

Hazuki Kakegawa
A girl who works at the convenience store near your house.
She’s got an open, chummy attitude that wins her pals from geezers to wee’uns.
For someone who goes to an all-girls school, her hobbies, like gaming and biking, are boyish.
“I want you to gimme a good squeeze! C’mon, get in here and hug me!”

Nanoka Kinomiya
Her desk in class is next to yours.
Bright, positive, and inexhaustibly smiley, she’s popular.
But passionate, too—she has a dream that pushes her to cram school after class.
“It’s fun to whisper in class like this, isn’t it?”

Mai Maisaka
A year your junior at your school.
As her mother is a busy hard worker, Mai handles the home front.
Unspectacularly adequate at class and sports, but a dervish with a broom and alchemist with a spoon.
“My heart always leaps when you pat me on the head.”


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  • Japanese
  • 繁体字


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30 Jun, 2021