1. ONE.

    1998, winter. I was just a regular student until another world was born in me. Like softly falling snow, it blanketed and began to bury my everyday life. It was only then that I realized…

  2. Queen of the Otaku: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE

    I belong to the Manga Club, which is really just the nerd club. But there's one beautiful rose among our motley crew. And this year, we've got a new first-year member. Can you guess what the problem is?

  3. Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell

    For years, college dropout Koichi’s life has been nothing but Ls. No savings, no career, no girlfriend. Where did it all go wrong? In that moment, only feet away, Mami Mamiya is searching too. This pink-haired succubus is on the hunt for a human connection...

  4. Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal

    Customize classes. Delve dungeons. Liberate loot. The kingdom is in mortal peril, and it's going to take a librarian to save it!

  5. Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Fallen Maidens & the Book of Beginnings

    Build your party, find loot, seal monsters, explore dungeons, and rescue a recently fallen kingdom from darkness!


    Seiran Island, a tropical eden where people are free to act on their desires under a uniquely libertine law. But even here in paradise, there are those who work in the shadows to bring it down...

  7. Hypno-Mart

    She's completely useless as an employee! Firing isn't good enough for her. Somebody has got to teach this girl a lesson, and as always, the Internet has a solution...

  8. Kuroinu Redux

    A tale of despair and devastation on a epic scale, set in a high-fantasy world! Drown the noble beauties of Eos in a sea of humiliation!

  9. Kunado Chronicles

    This is a story of a strange school life, of coffee shops and the paper-money economy, about the qualities and struggles of a leader, and it's about a girl who was nobody, finding her feet and embracing a dream.

  10. Yukiiro Sign


  11. Tamayura Mirai

    It's a short summer and a long one too; a story of humans, spirits, and sorcerers… A fairytale.


    This starry space adventure is for the wide-eyed little boy or girl in everyone–a reminder to adults everywhere that what’s essential is invisible to the eye, and is best viewed with the heart alone…

  13. Nope Nope Nope Nurses

    Man, all I did was break some bones and get hospitalized. And yet everyone treats me like the scum of the earth! Plus, recently things here have been feeling off. Like there’s a dark cloud hanging over you…

  14. Holy Paladin Cynthia

    Though the world is a safer place following the Demon King’s defeat, there is still no end in sight to the havoc caused by various lesser fiends. To subdue them, the Order of the Knights is formed at the royal capital. This is the tale of one paladin named Cynthia...

  15. Otome * Domain

    After his grandmother passes away,Minato finds himself all alone,not knowing what to do next. A rich girl his age offers to take responsibility for him——


    Bathed in the light of the moon, a giant rose blooms in full glory. It hangs darkly in the night sk……
  17. Platonically Mauled by a Magic Cougar

    “If you don’t mind me asking, you’re… Anna Kise’s husband, right?” “Oh, uh… y-yeah.” As nuts ……
  18. SLIPPERY RICHARD! ~ He’s Taller Than My Husband ~

    Nonoko’s daughter Yaya is back in Japan again after two years of studying abroad. With a foreign bo……