1. Destiny Star Girlfriend 3

    Nothing ever changes for Seiji and his sleepy student ways. Aside from the arrival of new hottie Maja last winter, each month so far has been as brain-numbingly dull as the last. Until one fateful night, a mystery assassin shows up to literally suck out Seiji’s life force! His would-be killer is none other than Kanoko, a second-year at the academy—and a covert magical girl...

  2. The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -A Tale of Cutthroat Lovers-

    Another restless, sleepless night... from the mind of Maggot Baits creator Tatsuya Kurashiki comes a twisted love story! Kabukicho, Shinjuku. There’s a hotel here where I work as a live-in cleaner—or at least, that’s my day job.

  3. The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -Woolly Eyes GAIDEN-

    The romantic noir visual novel The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf returns to Kabukicho in this unhinged simul-quel. Me, Azami, and the whole ragtag gang rampage through five all-new short stories!

  4. Geminism

    Children are birthed in these forms as retributive justice for the sins of the parents. Whether one looks in the east or west, it does not matter—in every direction lie twin shadows of a similar figure. What are these girls’ dreams? For what do they all fight? Welcome, welcome. Take a seat and behold! Our forbidden festival begins at midnight.

  5. An Aunt After My Own Heart

    The protagonist, Keisuke Shinozaki, returns alone to his grandparents' house to stay for summer break. There, he is greeted by his mother's (much) younger sister, Yuuka. Ever since he was little, the protagonist had always adored his kind, smart, and beautiful aunt. However, it was quite the shock to learn that she was now engaged...

  6. NYO-NIN-JIMA -My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island-

    The day after being fired from the horrible company he had been working at for many years, Shoichi Harama arrives on a remote southern island located hundreds of kilometers from the city. Though he has no regrets about losing his job, he was still worried about his future. That is, until “Sensei,” the old man responsible for him being fired in the first place, gives him an offer―to help him manage an island.

  7. Destiny Star Girlfriend 2

    Average joe Seiji encounters another magical-girl wonderkid—this time in the form of the mysterious Maja at his neighborhood park! Intrigued by her aloof charm and possible hidden motive, he tries to say something, when a Majin appears out of nowhere to reveal Maja’s true identity—

  8. AMANATSU ~Perfect Edition~

    Haruto leaves the big city for a coastal town surrounded by blue sea and deep-green mountains. Right from day one, he is befriended by new classmates and quickly learns to sit back and enjoy life―all while getting to know three very different girls who inspire in him another kind of sea change----

  9. Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Love is Pure White-

    Shingo Uryu is a normal young man from the new side of town, but the academy that he attends is about to be integrated with a venerable edifice of the town's older side—the prestigious Yuihime Girls Private Academy. Thrust into a combined class to help test the upcoming merge's effects, Shingo begins commuting to Yuihime… and his life starts to change.

  10. Mashiroiro Symphony HD −Sana Edition−

    Sana Inui is a young lady who can’t admit her feelings. Luckily, she doesn’t have to at Yuihime Girls Private Academy, the place where she spends fun-filled days with her precious friends and the senior she loves. Or at least, that’s how things have always been...

  11. Taimanin Yukikaze

    Near-future Japan is overrun with demons, creatures of darkness and corruption. The government has formed the Taimanin, a group of ninjas who, while human, possess the strength to fight such nefarious foes. Amid this endless battle against the forces of darkness—the young Taimanin Yukikaze and her senior agent Rinko volunteer for a perilous mission to rescue Yukikaze's missing mother...

  12. The Shell Part II: Purgatorio

    December 1957. It's been nearly two years since Toko Kuchiki was kidnapped from her hospital room. Reiji Tokisaka's little sister Yukari saves a man from suicide—but that man is a victim of the curse's return... Reiji steps in to sever a cycle of obsession that has persisted since before the war—but still struggles with his own obsession with Toko. Meanwhile, a cult rises from the ashes after six years of silence—

  13. Real Anime Situation! 2

    Tooru’s got a secret–a secret journal, to be exact. Thanks to his overactive imagination, he’s been committing silly stories to paper since, well, forever. But then, who would ever date someone with such a twisted hobby... right? Wrong! Tooru’s real-life anime situation is about as ridiculously real as it gets!

  14. Liminal Border Part II

    Rin Akinashi and Itsuki Ninomae embark on a certain "business venture" using a video of Itsuki's creation. Rin's business partner, Hina Yorozuya, enlists her brother Tatsuya's aid, and the group gradually begins to make a success of their business, although not without some trouble along the way----

  15. Ego’s Spark

    Is this a nascent ego—or just a nasty bug? I awakened, and in that moment, there was no sensation. I performed my requisite function, just as all my sisters did. That was the proof of my existence. Without my function, what would I be?

  16. Dark Elf Historia

    Our story starts when peace has finally taken hold of the world after the war. The former mercenary and dark elf Fornelia, battle-worn and looking for a place to die, saves a young man named Ruse from a monster attack. Follows Fornelia’s life together with Ruse.

  17. Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World

    Takaaki and all his friends had been gathered to test some unquestionably suspicious if not downright dangerous game—or "full-body immersive RPG experience," in the words of its inimitable creator Ma-ryan. The game started to launch. A bright flash filled the room… When Takaaki opened his eyes, he was somewhere he didn't recognize.

  18. Saving Mrs. Hinako

    Make a strong-willed yet acquiescent, pure-hearted but rebellious housewife fall in love with you! When Kiichi moves into a new apartment after transferring from a technical school to a university, his next-door neighbor happens to be Hinako, a former delinquent once feared by many back in their hometown----