1. Kagura Genesis: Kuon’s Story

    In a quiet forest, far from any settlement, there lives a girl named Kuon Makami. Having lost her mother not long ago, she spends her days alone with the wolf pup who is her best friend. But the peaceful times come to an end when a strange pall falls over the forest, bringing with it occasional incursions of dark spirits.

  2. Dawn of Kagura: Maika’s Story – The Dragon’s Wrath

    Maika has become renowned throughout the land for sealing a nine-tailed fox youkai. Midway through another day of training apprentice priestesses, she is offered a shockingly daunting quest—

  3. Dawn of Kagura: Keika’s Story

    When Keika receives a request to vanquish youkai, her younger sister, Hatsuka, is already out on an……
  4. Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story

    One day, Natsu is alone at her shrine when the chief of a nearby village approaches her, seeking he……
  5. Dawn of Kagura: Hatsuka’s Story

    On her way home after completing a quest to exorcise a terrible youkai, Hatsuka Otowa receives a ph……