1. Kuroinu 2 Redux

    To the west of the continent of Serenus lies the land known only as the Nation. Founded over a hundred years ago, this country represents the apex of both corruption and prosperity. Before peace and justice can be returned to the land, a single man stands in their way...

  2. Taimanin Asagi

    Tokyo is infested with demons, creatures of darkness and corruption. The government has formed the Taimanin, a group of ninjas who, while human, possess the strength to fight such nefarious foe...

  3. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses

    They call me Yamada.I'm just an ordinary student, hospitalized with two broken arms... except for my strange and incurable condition.Unfortunately, the hospital where I'm being treated has got a certain reputation...

  4. Marauder of Dystopia: The weakest go to the wall

    The people of the Omega Empire suffer under the oppressive rule of Emperor Duke. Egregious violence, and possible death, awaits those that defied the heavy taxes… Everyone lives in fear of the empire. However, a brave few have risen up to destroy the Empire.

  5. WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow

    Toya Fuji is an ordinary college student but for one thing: his connection to the popular singer Yuki Morikawa. The more popular she gets, the less time the two can spend together. Will they stay a couple, or will their ways part?

  6. The Shell Part I: Inferno

    March 1956. In a Tokyo that’s slowly returning to its former glory after losing the war ten years prior, Private Detective Reiji Tokisaka takes on the case of a girl he meets in Inokashira Park. “I want you to find something… Me. My true self.”

  7. ONE.

    1998, winter. I was just a regular student until another world was born in me. Like softly falling snow, it blanketed and began to bury my everyday life. It was only then that I realized…

  8. Queen of the Otaku: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE

    I belong to the Manga Club, which is really just the nerd club. But there's one beautiful rose among our motley crew. And this year, we've got a new first-year member. Can you guess what the problem is?

  9. Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell

    For years, college dropout Koichi’s life has been nothing but Ls. No savings, no career, no girlfriend. Where did it all go wrong? In that moment, only feet away, Mami Mamiya is searching too. This pink-haired succubus is on the hunt for a human connection...

  10. Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal

    Customize classes. Delve dungeons. Liberate loot. The kingdom is in mortal peril, and it's going to take a librarian to save it!

  11. Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Fallen Maidens & the Book of Beginnings

    Build your party, find loot, seal monsters, explore dungeons, and rescue a recently fallen kingdom from darkness!


    Seiran Island, a tropical eden where people are free to act on their desires under a uniquely libertine law. But even here in paradise, there are those who work in the shadows to bring it down...

  13. Hypno-Mart

    She's completely useless as an employee! Firing isn't good enough for her. Somebody has got to teach this girl a lesson, and as always, the Internet has a solution...

  14. Kuroinu Redux

    A tale of despair and devastation on a epic scale, set in a high-fantasy world! Drown the noble beauties of Eos in a sea of humiliation!

  15. Kunado Chronicles

    This is a story of a strange school life, of coffee shops and the paper-money economy, about the qualities and struggles of a leader, and it's about a girl who was nobody, finding her feet and embracing a dream.

  16. Yukiiro Sign


  17. Tamayura Mirai

    It's a short summer and a long one too; a story of humans, spirits, and sorcerers… A fairytale.


    This starry space adventure is for the wide-eyed little boy or girl in everyone–a reminder to adults everywhere that what’s essential is invisible to the eye, and is best viewed with the heart alone…